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We drive traffic and conversions for companies that want to grow.

Have a Team

Our team is your team. We handle your edits, revisions, and updates for the same money you would spend for the Other Guys’ WordPress sites.

Drive Traffic

Our Paid Search and SEO experts drive qualified leads to your site 24/7 from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and more.

Convert More

Stop using templates and builders. Use custom designs from professional artists to create eye-catching sites that convert users.

Did you Know?

Your Website is losing you business.

Does your site:

  1. Take forever to load?
  2. Have reviews or testimonials hidden at the bottom?
  3. Have too much content to sift through or lack a clear call to action?

If ANY of these things are on your site, you are losing business. We can fix that.

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Don't Overpay

Your Digital Canvas provides excellent value. Starting at $4,800, you can have a new site that is fast and secure, built on custom software to your specifications.

Don't Overwork Yourself

Your Digital Canvas provides 12 months of hassle-free support at no added cost. Need a new image, new page, maybe an edit to some text? Let us know and the work is done and updated. You run your business, we'll handle your site.

Manage Your Cashflow

We let you pay out your contract over 12 months. At the end, you own your site with nothing to pay except hosting. Clients pay as little as $400/mo, and get world-class support. Our clients are so happy with our service, more than 80% opt to keep their support in place after their site is paid for!

We've Improved Traffic for Startups and Industry Leaders

Your website doesn't get enough traffic, or doesn't convert enough traffic into customers. We've been there ourselves and with our clients. Your Digital Canvas has solved these problems for hundreds of small businesses, and we understand how to ensure that your investment results in excellent returns.

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Leading Companies

Supercharge Your Marketing

Start Selling More Today

You deserve marketing that results in sales. Period. Our marketing, design, and development teams are the answer to getting better returns

Paid Search

Our team will manage your paid search campaigns, creating custom content and collateral for your every need. Weekly updates, data-driven decisions, and strict adherence to achieving and maintaining a high ROI drive what we do

Search Optimization

Our engineers study the Google algorithm and reverse-engineer what we need to change on your site to get you the highest organic ranking possible for keywords that actually see traffic and convert.


Have traffic but need conversions? You most likely need a new site. Our sites are built to convert, with clear calls-to-action and clearly visible reviews. Our partners at have built the ultimate review plugin, and every website we build comes with 6 months of Revued free.

Ongoing Support

For the life of your agreement, Your Digital Canvas will fix bugs, make tweaks, and provide support in the event of any issues. After your contract is up, we offer affordable support options which provide the same world-class support at a low monthly fee.

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Grow Your Business

Seeing higher ROI is easier than you think.

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Schedule a 30-minute call where we discuss your business and show you how we can start growing your business with better marketing and a better website.

Get Your Growth Plan

The Growth Plan is a Step-by-Step strategy for driving traffic and increasing conversions. You know the cost, timeline, and expected results up front

Watch Your Business Grow

Your new marketing plan and improved website produce results quickly after going live.

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Succeed More

There are two types of people.

1. Those who don't mind wasting money and time, who don't get enough good leads, and who fail to close leads they create.

2. Those who watch their business grow, who get more leads, convert more leads, gather a great customer list, and live the live they deserve.

When your customers work with you, they win. We help them see that.

Take the Next Step

You are in Control

What is Next for Your Business?

Better Marketing

Data-driven marketing results in higher traffic. Total transparency ensures you always know exactly what is being done on your behalf, and the direct results of the work. Rank higher on Google, direct market to qualified prospects, and make sure your ad is seen by people looking for your products or services.

Higher Conversions

Proven higher conversions mean more customers and increased sales. Imagine this time next year seeing your business growth at 25%, 50%, or even 100%.

Why Not Both?

For businesses that need to radically boost their growth, a new site and powerful marketing combined drives dramatic results. After talking to us, most people realize they can grow their sales, increase their income, and automate their marketing efforts.

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