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Affordable, Custom Websites that Fix what the other guy broke.

Offering You a Deal You Can't Refuse (Seriously)

Own Your Website

Your website is your property at the end of contract. No long-term commitments or endless payments!

Easy Payments

You get a firm quote. Pay 15% first payemnt, thendivide the rest by 5 monts (or 11 for larger projects). No hidden fees, no interest, just basic math.

Ongoing Support

No added fees or charges for updates, revisions, or changes during the term of your agreement. Unlimited hours, unlimited changes, unlimited add-ons.


No templates, only custom, professionally designed and programmed websites. Most small businesses get everything they need for only $700/mo for 6 months.

You Aren't a Website Professional?

Don't Worry, We Are!

A website is a necessity to establish your small business.
Does this sound familiar?

  1. You don't know what you don't know
  2. Other Developers seem to want you to do all the work
  3. You can't get the site you want for the budget you have
  4. You are asked to pay up-front before anything is delivered
  5. You are expected to keep up with your site once it is built, OR pay extra to have a professional help you

If ANY of these things sound familar, we have a deal you can't refuse.

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A Price You Can't Beat

We can work with almost any budget depending on your needs, every client gets a custom design, customized programming, and unlimited support. No hidden anything.

Stand Out in a Crowd

No Templates. No Purchased Themes from an online marketplace. Your design is as unique as your business.

Your Web Team

Most sites take 6 weeks to build. For the remainder of your term, our team is your team. If you need something added, changed, edited, moved, or something else, just let us know and we'll get it done within 48 hours at no added cost to you! You build and manage your company, let us build and manage your site.

We've built more than 400 websites for startups and small-businesses

We don't build cheap, cookie-cutter sites. We build affordable, professional sites that are crafted to grow with your company. We sell at very low margins as we believe you will see the value of having us on your team, and as you grow, we'll grow with you.

We know what it takes to start and grow a business, because we've done it more than once for ourselves and our clients. We know that what you need today is not what you'll need next year.

You need a site that books appointments for you, tells your story, and makes your customer the hero of their journey. Just imagine what having a team at your back with more than 15 years and 400 projects of experience could do to grow your own business.

This is really the deal you can't, or shouldn't, refuse. With Your Digital Canvas' website development team, you'll get more service, a better site, better support, and a better experience than you ever thought possible. We're sure this sounds too good to be true, so book an appointment today and put us in the hotseat.

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Make the Easiest Decision You've Ever Made

The path to Outstanding is simple

Custom Website

Your site is unique to you. We don't use templates, we don't buy designs from wholesellers. Your site is designed and programmed by our team. Most companies charge extra for this "bespoke" service. We just think it's the way things should be done.


A firm fixed cost. 15% down. Divide the remaining balance by 5 for smaller project or 11 for longer ones. These are your monthly payments. No hidden strings or costs. After your site is paid for, you'll need to host it. Every website is hosted somewhere. You can host with us and keep our outstanding team on your side, or move the site to your own hosting account. We'll even help you move it at no added cost. If you move to your own account, you can plan on spending as little as $15/mo in hosting.

Powerful Options

How would you like a tax-credit for your website? Add our ADA compliance service and we'll send you a pre-filled IRS form allowing you to claim the cost of your site as a tax credit up to $5,000. You read that right, your site can be paid for by a tax-credit for being ADA compliant.

Ongoing Support

For the life of your agreement, Your Digital Canvas will fix bugs, make tweaks, and provide support in the event of any issues. After your contract is up, we offer affordable support options which provide the same world-class support at a low monthly fee.

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Don't Delay

This is easy, we'll show you how.

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Schedule a 30-minute call where we discuss your business and show you how you can get the site your business deserves.


You have full transparency in our process from day one. You can see in near realtime how your project is progressing. In 6 short weeks, your new site can be ready to promote your business.

Watch Your Business Grow

Your new marketing plan and improved website produce results quickly after going live.

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You are Brave and We Want to Grow With You.

It is challenging and a bit scary to start a business. We know, we've done it. It takes courage and planning, and let's be honest, quite a few sleepless nights and a never-ending to do list. There are two types of people getting websites built for their business.

1. Those who use an amateur or hobbyist to get it done. It may be themselves, a friend, a neighbor kid.
2. Those who spend way too much with a company that spends thousands of dollars a month on ads to get their attention, only to find out that they aren't getting a site anything like the portfolio they looked at and the service and relationship are non-existant.

Be the third option. Work with a company that has been built from the beginning to make your business ownership journey just a little bit easier. Work with Your Digital Canvas. Manage your cashflow, delegate your Internet presence to a team of experienced professionals, and do what you do best... build and grow your future!

Take the Next Step

You are in Control

What is Next for Your Business?

Better Marketing

Data-driven marketing results in higher traffic. Total transparency ensures you always know exactly what is being done on your behalf, and the direct results of the work. Rank higher on Google, direct market to qualified prospects, and make sure your ad is seen by people looking for your products or services.

Higher Conversions

Proven higher conversions mean more customers and increased sales. Imagine this time next year seeing your business growth at 25%, 50%, or even 100%.

Why Not Both?

For businesses that need to radically boost their growth, a new site and powerful marketing combined drives dramatic results. After talking to us, most people realize they can grow their sales, increase their income, and automate their marketing efforts.

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Let's Get Started

Let us give you an hour of our time at no cost, with no obligation. We'll talk about your business and your marketing needs.

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